Novi načini edukacije pacijenata pomoću 3D programa!

New Pre-Op Volume calculation and Breast Anatomy simulator
More accurate calculations of pre-op breast volumes can be made by precisely defining the breast area as well as the skin thickness. In addition, a 3D representation of the internal anatomy is shown to be used as educational support.

New Custom Scars Simulator
This new tool can be used to draw scars over the 3D model of the patient in order to better explain the different surgery options. Scar thickness, intensity and color can be modified with the aim of explaining types and evolution of the scars.

Enhanced portability
Being the only portable solution in the market, Crisalix can now be used inside the operation theater. Patients can be scanned in 3D both standing up or now lying back on the operation table, opening a new range of simulation possibilities such as analysis of breast lateral displacement, etc.

New Eyebrow & Eyelid tool
In addition to the recently launched eyelid surgery simulator, this new update allows to specifically control the displacement of the eyebrow and upper eyelid. It also provides a calculation of such displacement.

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